Secrets to company – even in this down economy

March 16, 2021

I don’t see nearly enough of that in our industry yeah yeah that’s that’s good stuff so let’s say we’ve hired someone you know we’ve got them and.

I tell you what I wanted to move on to training there but I want to wait a second and talk about kind of it we talked to more about the sales side and finding sales people and and what we’re looking for.

There but that’s that’s kind of probably not even half the business you know the other half is you got to do the work and you got to find the crew to do the work and you gotta trust that your crew is going to do a good job.

You got to keep an eye on them I’m interested in some just some good like what are some mistakes you see guys making regularly win finding sub crews and then managing sub cruise because i know that’s a there’s a lot of variables.

There and i’m sure you’ve seen a lot of that and I’m really I’m really interested to get some of your insight on that some crews are tough that is a thing that has in our industry over the last five years or so become a little bit more difficult.

There’s more difficult rules for you know immigrants to come in and do work the the laws have kind of changed a little bit on what a subcontractor is or isn’t and how much control you can have over.

Them and so that has become more difficult once again running ads that are interesting and make people want to call you a providing opportunity not being so restrictive everything is always so restrictive we don’t really know much about somebody until we get them in.

Front of us one of the neat little tricks that we’ve learned is you know in our industry we have a lot of Latinos that do the work and going around to the Latino churches in your market and speaking to the pastor’s of those churches and saying that hey we have some opportunity available.

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