Why My THC infusion services Is Better Than Yours

May 28, 2018

Wreck so a heavy cannabis infusion golden go definitely giving me like a head rush or the go get him like almost man if I was prone to anxiety at any point I would not want to be smoking this so who definitely been sometimes I’m not this is would not have been a good strain to be smoking but wow what a what a go-fetter and interesting this CBD that’s kind of funny that the play on that there’s a I don’t you guys keep up with the cannabis news but in Minnesota there were some news about.

A new CBD strain so THC gives you the head high CBD is going to give you like more the body high anti-inflammation anti nerve pain like a little more the healing effects THC still gives you like anti information is still still good for healing and wellness and still has a lot of positive effects other than just giving you a head high but for the most part like when they talk about legalizing cannabis for kids it’s mainly the CBD cuss really does not give you a.

Head high is really only meant for non psychoactive ailments yeah so it’s the more the cloud VIII premium phantom phantom premium and some homegrown this is not mine mine still curing this is uh just some of the blue husk let’s blue couch more or less huh so either get confused lots of lots of strange going on my seeds popped I put two on a wet paper towel and after a couple days they sprouted little roots and right about the same time the one seed that I put in the in the cocoa.

Per lite mix also sprouted up and now they’re all three in the cocoa per lite mix with a little bit of the organic super soil at the bottom and we’re going to see we’re gonna let them grow up big and strong hopefully they’re all female and they’re all crazy frosty bud but that’s probably not gonna be the case I don’t know I do have a separate you know like the veg garden has it is like a four foot t lights but I have one that’s like two foot like a little tiny one.

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