This Story Behind Wine Tasting Will Haunt You Forever!

Is this right here is a primary fermentation it’s the yeast it’s creating alcohol I put a little ice onto of here just to try to cool it downs little bit it’s pretty much in.

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The Wine Tasting peak of the fermentation right now it’s really revved up cranking out a lot of heat if I can keep it cool during this stage I’m going to get more fruit flavors and freshness and avoid the bitterness that might come with a warmer fermentation see those bubbles coming up that’s carbon dioxide coming out the Zinfandel is just about done.

Wine Tasting

couple of days I’ll be pressing it the berry like this is very important to turn the cap on in several times a day if you want it to be a big dark wine Like the hands-on approach and working it in a tub and with my press down to land actually physically busting Wine Tasting the cap rather.

Then Wine Tasting using machines I feel I have more control and I’m able to extract better color and better flavors so what we did is we took the grapes and we crush the grapes and then fermented the crushed grapes and then we after was completed fermenting we pressed.

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it Wine Tasting off the press and then we have the new line the new wine is pumped into these stainless steel tanks where it settles all the sediment in the wine will fall to the bottom we’re able to lift the wine off and store it in another tank remove it around a few times until we find.

That Wine Tasting we’re not getting too much sediment anymore and the wine is nice and clean clear and at that time it’s also going through a secondary fermentation and what it does is it makes a wine nice and smooth it removes the bite so that’s.

what I’m doing in this Sweet Heart Winery stainless steel room I’m getting the wine so it looks nice and clear and removing the bite in this process it takes about two months and then we’ll take the wine out of the stainless deal and put it into the oak storage I’ll let it sits in the oak barrel for about nine months and then I’ll take all the line.