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I grew up with a fine artist my father was a painter and he structured his life watched him structure his life in such a way so that he could paint for hours every single day and drew my whole childhood painted for three or four-hours every day he steadfastly refuses to talk about his art.

Science: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

it meant something science to him he wanted it to mean something to you but he understood that those two things were different and he didn’t want color what it meant to you but explained that.


The thought that I science don know what I don’t know much about art but I know what I like is about the most profound statement you could make about art is only what we like what the web like may be based on our experience education or simply our mood or the weather outside.

But they are all equally valid responses there’s no wrong response to the culture we are all agents of it it’s often said that there’s no such thing as bad art and that is total bullshit there’s plenty of bad art.

15 Surprising Stats About Science

The Gal-it Arianism of art though is in our response to it there is no invalid response to art the only wrong response is the one you borrow from another when you let someone else tell you what the thing that bears repeating the only-wrong response to art is the one.

you borrow from another when someone else tells you what to think okay to science don’t think we’re qualified to discuss science not really and let’s take a look at science news there usually two different types of stories in science news one is you know some-ridiculously complex thing like things bison that someone tries to boil into ¬†words on Buzz Feed.




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